Port Issues

Terminal 1

The vision to build a public marketplace on the Columbia River is a long-term strategic goal of the Port of Vancouver. The local community will enjoy Terminal 1 once completed for years to come, and it will help to bring in tourism dollars into the community to help support the arts, culture, and history offerings. With my experience in the hospitality industry, I believe my skills have prepared me to help this project reach fruition. 


Workforce Development

The region’s biggest area of opportunity in the next twenty years is re-focusing workforce development initiatives. The Port of Vancouver is uniquely positioned to not just provide funding, but also program support for training related to manufacturing and high-skill trade jobs. Over the course of my life, I have dedicated a substantial amount of time — both personally and professionally — to ensure they can receive the training they desire in our local community. I am especially proud of my work supporting Cascadia Technical Academy’s Culinary Arts program. 


Community Involvement

Port of Vancouver Commissioners cannot do their jobs without adequate involvement and engagement from the community at-large. It’s a priority of mine to find new ways to connect with constituents and stakeholder groups to ensure the Port is taking the right approach to its daily operations and supported activities. Of specific importance to me is increasing public-use and access to Port-owned properties so that our community can enjoy its natural beauty. 



Sustainability and environmental stewardship are engrained in the Port’s identity. If elected as your Port Commissioner, I will ensure that these practices stay up-to-date with new and emerging technologies, and Port Staff are supported in any endeavors that will better protect our natural environment.


Transportation and Freight Mobility

The I-5 Bridge needs to be replaced, and the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program is on its way to delivering a bridge that will serve the region for another 100 years. The Port of Vancouver is at the forefront of transportation and freight mobility conversations to ensure goods being transported to and from not just the Port of Vancouver, but the larger region, make it to their final destination at the lowest cost. As someone who has worked in restaurants for the entire duration of my career, working to solve the region’s largest transportation issues is exciting!


Transparency, Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility

The Port of Vancouver has a duty to the public to remain transparent and accountable to its constituents. I have all the faith in the organization to continue their great track-record and I hope to make improvements if and when necessary. Fiscal responsibility is also important, and if elected, I will ask the hard questions about Port budgets, procurement, and contracts to ensure we’re getting the best outcome for our investments.